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Business Opportunities

Black Tees Sports offers the perfect opportunity to join our team and start your own business. You set your own hours and your own income goals.

How it works
Each Sales Support Member is assigned a personal Customer Discount Coupon and an Inventory Purchase ID.*

Customer Discount Coupon
By way of business cards, Sales Support Members provide their personal Customer Discount Coupon to prospective customers and direct them to this website to make purchases.

Upon a customer using the Customer Discount Coupon:
  1. the customer receives a 3% discount off any item purchased, and
  2. the Sales Support Member earns a 20% commission for that purchase.**

Inventory Purchase ID
Sales Support Members may use the Inventory Purchase ID to make purchases from this website and receive 20% off advertised and listed prices. This is ideal for:
  1. Sales Support Members who have their own store and wish to supplement their inventory, and/or
  2. those Sales Support Members who desire merchandise on hand for faster sales and delivery to their customers.

If you would like to become a Sales Support Member at Black Tees Sports, please contact us by sending an email to Retail Sales and we'll get the process started.

*Sales Support Member or referee customer must make a purchase within 5 days of assignment of code to activate Customer Code and Inventory Purchase ID. Minimum purchase 400USD.

**Member's applicable rate of commissions may be increased as member's sales increase, up to a maximum of 35% commissions.